The History of the Angels
The Downfall and its impact on us humans, Causes, Background, and Effects

The History of the Angels

The Downfall and its impact on us humans,
Causes, Background, and Effects


His holiness pope Paul VI. approved the decree of the holy congregation to
spread the belief from October 14th 1966:
It is allowed to publish writings, that are related to miracles, even though
the nihil obstat of the church authorities is not given.
This publication does not effect any decision of the church.

The imprimatur has been accorded by the archbishop office of
Salzburg on 31st May 1954, Zl. 1311, for the complete works

The original books by the title
“The divine history and life of the virgin Mother of God”
are to be obtained from bookselling-stores anywhere.

München 2005
The contents of this brochure are taken out of the works of
revelation as revealed to Sister Maria De Agreda from Spain
during the 2nd Half of the 17th century, entitled “The Life of the
Virgin Mother Maria”.
It is singularly useful by making the true meaning and aim of
life understandable. Part of the above mentioned revelation is
covered by this brochure and can never be called outdated.
It tells why and how the fall of the originally highest angel
named Lucifer and his followers came to pass.
Because we human beings are meant, after passing the test, to
inhabit these places in heaven which Satan and his followers
lost for good, he is desperately trying to prevent this since the
beginning of time, out of revenge against God and out of hatred
and envy against human beings. That is the reason for the
unforgiving fight of Satan against God and mankind, of which
the effects we have to cope with every day.
However, many still do not want to recognise that the cause of
this is brought into the world by Satan and helped by the
affirmation and assistance of human beings to its pernicious
results. This worst enemy of God and mankind has even
succeeded by implanting within the minds of many the thought
that there actually is no personal God, and what is more, that
there is no personal devil. That again would negate the
existence of hell, and it leads people to believe that everything
has to be looked at only symbolically.

A foe one does not know one will not recognise.
By means of human disbelief, indifference, and the ignorance of
Gods commandments Satan gains his influence over the
thoughts and deeds of human beings. The results are severe
and become more and more apparent.
On account of the fruitless efforts of mankind to achieve peace
and to create a better and more righteous world that lives up to
the requirements for a good and human way of life in mutual
respect, it should before long be understood that all endeavours
towards this goal are deemed to fail without God and without
the acceptance of, and the compliance with, his
To enable mankind to find the right way and to be able to avoid
unnecessarily great grieve, God has inhered specific signs to
them again and again, and has been full of mercy. Part of this is,
doubtlessly, the above mentioned revelation. It unveils in an
explicit way the causes, the background as well as the effects
of satanic operation in the world. Within the revelation the
devils most secret plans and intentions become exposed against
his will – for humans were never to learn them – and are
preserved in writing.
To be learned from the revelation is also the true reason how it
came that especially after the beginning of Christianity until
today an uncounted number of different beliefs, communities,
and sects could be formed, and that each one claims to be in
possession of the truth above all others. However, the existence
of many truths that contradict each other is a contradiction of
the truth itself.
Yet Satan intended to prevent the public display of his plots for
the disorientation and destruction of mankind with all his
might. So, influenced by him, a three-hundred-years-long
debate about the acceptance of the revealed truth began, until it
finally became acknowledged by the church and was published
Because of the mentioned reasons even after this time and until
the present day it stayed unknown to a larger public. And this
has contributed to the broad spreading of the mental illness of
There are few books which explain in such a commonly
understandable way and as clear and transparent as this book
does the realisation about the envious and hate-ridden chase
after the whole of mankind by Satan and his hellish comrades.
That is why this important work bears great meaning especially
for present times and should be made known everywhere and
published broadly.
Conclusively one can say that all ecumenical aspirations will
only be crowned with success, when our virgin mother Mary,
according to her God-given status, is recognized and
acknowledged as intercessor and carrier of grace.

L. W. In the year of 2004

Table of contents

1. The Creation and Probation of the angels 10
2. Lucifer fell into a very disordered narcism, 11
3. In the works of God there is measure, number and
weight. 12
4. Furthermore God revealed to the angels, 13
5. But Lucifer, full of envy and pride, resisted 14
6. I have to mention another secret here. 14
7. This bloated proud boast aroused the indignation of the
Lord. 15
8. Exegesis of the 12th chapter of the secret revelation. 16
9. It was as though God said to the angels: 17
10. And there was seen another sign in heaven: 18
11. The ten horns of these heads 18
12. “The dragon appeared before the Woman, 19
13. Continuation of the exegesis of the 12th chapter of the
secret revelation. 20
14. He is God, the Most High, King of all creatures. 20
15. With these words St. Michael and his comrades gave
battle. 21
16. But St. Michael answered: “Who is there like unto the
Lord, who dwells in the heavens? 22
17. So Gods power and might was manifested once again. 22
18. So the dragon was cast out, 23
19. So heaven was cleared of the bad angels. 24
20. Conclusion of the exegesis of the 12th chapter of the
secret revelation. 24
21. The downfall of Adam and Eve in paradise. 27
22. Lucifer deceived himself. 28
23. Taking courage in the precept, 29
24. When Lucifer saw the progenitors fallen, 29
25. At the instant of the incarnation of the Word, 30
26. I have watched and persecuted all the virtuous and
perfect women to find our enemy (Maria), 32
27. They set about discussing the means of entrapping the
most holy Virgin, 33
28. Lucifer aims to prevent the Christ’s works of
redemption. 34
29. I knew that this reverence was due Him as God. 35
30. “My confusion is too great right now,” 37
31. Only I have a deathly hatred against that Woman
(Mary), our enemy, 37
32. Council held by the evil demons in hell after the death
of Jesus Christ. 39
33. From the day on which the first man was created I have
sleeplessly sought to find and destroy Them 40
34. O men, so favoured and gifted by your God, whom I
abhor, 41
35. O how godlike is the power of that Man, 42
36. They all agreed that it was not possible to attack the
person of Christ, 43
37. “Men now have at their disposal a new doctrine, 43
38. Some of the devils charged themselves with perverting
the inclinations of children at their conception and birth, 44
39. We must also exert ourselves to weaken piety and all
that is spiritual and divine 45
40. It is not possible to rehearse all, 46
41. Unfortunately those truths so infallible should in our
days be blotted from the minds of mortals to their
irreparable danger. 46
42. By the testimony of the holy Scripture and by the
teaching of the holy masters 47
43. In order to rouse from their torpor those that read this
history, 48
44. Moreover, this fiend is a pure spirit and is not fatigued
or ever in need of rest. 48
45. As soon as the Satan suspects that the conception of a
human body is to take place, 49
46. Against the dragons malign influence the Most High
provides defence and protection in various ways. 50
47. Besides this general providence of God for the
protection of his creatures must be mentioned the
particular protection of the angels. 51
48. For this he seeks to accustom them to vicious actions
during the years of their infancy, to present to their ears
and eyes the example of evil conduct, and to make the
parents neglectful in counteracting this bad example. 52
49. Not less active is the diligence and care of the holy
angels 52
50. The good angels on their part allege the virtues of the
parents and forefathers, 53
51. As soon as man enters into the use of his reason the
battle between the demons and the angels becomes still
bitterer. 53
52. They furnish us with ceaseless inspirations and
warnings. 54
53. In the conversion of Saul this assistance of the Most
High is openly manifest. 56
54. On that occasion Lucifer and his cohorts felt the lash of
the divine Omnipotence. 56
55. What has Saul done to deserve such an exceeding good
fortune? 58
56. Instruction of the heavenly Queen 59

1. The Creation and Probation of the angels
They were created by God in heaven in the state of grace by
which they might be first to merit the reward of glory. For
although they were in the midst of glory, the Divinity itself was
not to be made manifest to them face to face and unveiled, until
they should have merited such a favour by obeying the divine
The good as well as the fugitive angels remained only briefly in
a state of probation, for the creation, the probation and its result
were carried out in three very short periods of time. In the first
period all angels were created and endowed with grace and the
gifts of the Holy Ghost, so that they were acutely beautiful,
unflawed and perfect.
Then a short period followed in which the will of their Creator
was propounded and intimated to all of them. The law and
command was given to them to acknowledge Him as their
Maker and supreme Lord to fulfil the end for which they had
been created.
During this short period a big quarrel enflamed between St
Michael and his angels against the dragon and his followers.
The good angels, preserving in grace, merited eternal
blessedness. The disobedient however, rebelling against God,
merited the punishment of eternal pain.
I (Maria from Agreda) whished to know the motive, which
urged Lucifer and his confederates to sin and what was the
occasion of their disobedience and fall. It was made known to
me that the evil angels could commit many sins as far as the
guilt of sin is concerned, although they did not consummate
them in acts. However, on account of those which they did
actually commit freely and of their own depraved will, they
acquired the disposition to all bad acts, including others to
commit and approving in human beings those sins they could
not commit themselves.
2. Lucifer fell into a very disordered narcism,
which arose from the consciousness of being endowed with
greater gifts and greater beauty of nature and grace than the
other angels. He tarried with inordinate pleasure in this
consciousness, and thus self-satisfied he became lax and remiss
in the gratitude, which was due to God as the sole cause of all
that he had received.
Turning again and again in admiration toward himself, he took
pleasure in his own beauty and grace, attributing them to
himself and loving them as his own. This disorderly self-love
not only caused him to exalt himself on account of the superior
virtues, which he had received, but also induced him to
harbour envy and covetousness for other gifts and for
excellences not his own. Then, because he could not attain
them, he conceived a mortal hatred and indignation against
God, who created him out of nothing, and against all his
creatures. Out of this constitution arose disobedience,
impudence, injustice, disloyalty, blasphemy, and even a kind of
idolization, for he coveted for himself the adoration and
reverence due to God. He blasphemed the divine magnificence
and holiness. He failed in the trust and loyalty due to Him.
Impudently he planned to wipe out all creatures created by
God and presumed to be able to do this and a many other
things by his own power. Thus his pride ascends continually
and perseveres, though his arrogance is greater than his
strength, for in this he can not increase and in sin, “one abyss
calls the other”. The first sinful angel was Lucifer, he seduced
the others. Thereof he is called the Prince of Darkness and
Demons, not on account of his natural gifts, for these would not
secure to him that title, but on account of his guilt. The sinful
angels were not all of one order or hierarchy, but among all
hierarchies angels fell, which are many altogether. Now I want
to give an account of the kind of honour and excellence which
Lucifer aspired to and envied, as was made known to me.
3. In the works of God there is measure, number and
His providence decided to show to the angels, immediately
after their creation and before they could incline to diverse
ends, the purpose for which He had created them with such an
exalted and perfect nature. At first they received a more explicit
intelligence of the being of God, one in substance, trine in
person, and that they were commanded to adore and reverence
Him as their Creator and highest Lord, infinite in his essence
and attributes. All of them obeyed, but with a certain
difference: the good angels followed out of love and justice.
They complied in best volition, freely admitting and believing
what was above their intelligence, and obeying with joy.
Lucifer, on the other hand, submitted himself, because the
opposite seemed to him impossible. He did not do it with
perfect charity, for he, as it were, was divided in his will
between himself and the infallible truth of the Lord. In
consequence it happened that the precept appeared to him in a
measure difficult and violent, and his fulfilling of it was
wanting in love and in the desire to do justice. Thus he exposed
himself beforehand to the danger of not persevering. Although
grace did not leave him on account of this remissness and
slowness in the accomplishment of these first acts, nevertheless
his bad disposition began with them. There remained with him
a certain weakness and laxity of virtue and spirit, and the
perfection of his nature did not shine forth as it should. Thus
was his first step to falling.
4. Furthermore God revealed to the angels,
that He was to create a human nature and reasoning creatures
lower than themselves, in order that they too should love, fear
and reverence God, as their Author and eternal Good. They
were informed that these were to stand in high favour, and that
the second Person of
the blessed Trinity was to become incarnate and assume their
nature, raising it to the hypostatic union and to divine
Personality, that therefore they were to acknowledge Him as
their Head, not only as God, but as God and man, adoring Him
and reverencing Him as God-man. Moreover, these same angels
were to be his inferiors in dignity and grace and were to be his
servants. God gave them an intelligence of the propriety and
equity, of the justice and reasonableness of such a position. For
the acceptation of the merits foreseen of this God-man was
exhibited to them as the source of the grace which they now
possessed and of the glory which they were to obtain. They
understood also that they themselves had been, and all the rest
of the creatures should be created for his glory, and that He was
to be their Head. All those that were capable of knowing and
enjoying God, were to be the people of the Son
of God, to know and reverence Him as their Chief. These
commands were at once given to the angels. To this command
all the obedient and holy angels submitted themselves and they
gave their full assent and acknowledgment with and humble
and loving subjection of the will.
5. But Lucifer, full of envy and pride, resisted
and drove the like-minded angels to do the same. So they, too,
disobeyed the divine command. For that, Lucifer promised
them to be their head and to set up a government independent
and separate from Christ. So great was the blindness which
envy and pride could cause in an angel, and so pernicious was
the infection that the contagion of sin spread among
innumerable other angels. Then happened that great battle in
heaven, which St. John describes. For the obedient and holy
angels, filled with an ardent desire of hastening the glory of the
Most High and the honour of the incarnate Word, asked
permission and, as it were, the consent of God, to resist and
contradict the dragon, and the permission was granted.
6. I have to mention another secret here.
When it was revealed to the angels that they would have to
obey the incarnate Word, a third precept was given them, to
accept the very woman as their arbitress in whose womb the
son of the father would assume the human flesh. This woman
would be their queen and the mistress of all creatures and she
would tower above the angels and all humans in grace and
glory. The good angels distinguished themselves by the
unquestioned acceptance of this command. They believed truly
and praised in deepest devotion the might and the secrets of the
Most High. Lucifer and his confederates, however, rose to
higher pitch of pride and boastful insolence. Lucifer in raving
fury aspired for himself the distinction of the head of all of the
human race and all of the angelic orders. And if there was to be
a hypostatic union, he demanded that it be consummated in
him. The decree constituting him inferior to the Mother of the
Incarnate Word (Maria), our Mistress, he opposed with horrible
blasphemies. With unbridled indignation he revolted against
the Author of these great wonders. And calling upon the other
angels, he exhorted them, saying: “Unjust are these commands
and injury is done to my greatness! This human nature which
Thou, Lord, lookest upon with so much love and which Thou
favourest so highly, I will persecute and destroy. To this end I
will direct all my power and all my aspirations. And this
Woman, Mother of the Word, I will hurl from the position in
which Thou hast proposed to place Her, and at my hands, the
plan, which Thou settest up, shall come to naught.”
7. This bloated proud boast aroused the indignation
of the Lord.
In order to humble it, He spoke to Lucifer: “This Woman,
whom thou refusest to honour, shall crush thy head and by Her
shalt thou be vanquished and annihilated. And if, through thy
ride, death enters into the world, life and salvation of mortals
shall enter through the humility of this Woman. Those that are
of the nature and likeness of that Man and Woman, shall enjoy
the gifts and the crowns, which thou and thy followers have
Lucifer defied everything that he had understood of the divine
will and His decisions and answered only with pride. He
threatened destruction to all of humankind. The good angels
understood the just indignation of the Most High against
Lucifer and his followers. They fought them with the weapons
of reason, justice and truth.
The Almighty at this conjuncture worked another wonderful
mystery. Having given to all the angels a sufficiently clear
intelligence of the great mystery of the hypostatic Union, He
showed them the image of the most holy Virgin by means of an
imaginary vision. They were shown the perfection of the
human nature in the revelation of an image representing a most
perfect Woman, in whom the almighty arm of the Most High
would work more wonderfully than in all the rest of the
creatures. For therein He was to deposit the graces and gifts of
his right hand in a higher and more eminent manner. This sign
or vision of the Queen of heaven and of the Mother of the
incarnate Word was made known and manifest to all the
angels, good and bad. The good ones at the sign of it broke
forth in admiration and in canticles of praise and from that time
on began to defend the honour of the God incarnate and of his
holy Mother, being armed with ardent zeal and with the
invincible shield of that vision. The dragon and his allies on the
contrary conceived implacable hatred and fury against Christ
and his most holy Mother.
Then followed what is told in the 12th chapter of the secret
8. Exegesis of the 12th chapter of the secret revelation.
And a great battle arose in heaven. Michael and his angels
fought the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.
But they could not withstand, and their place in heaven was
lost. That is how the great dragon was overthrown, the serpent,
which is called Devil and Satan, and which is seducing the
entire world. He was cast onto the earth, and with him his
angels were overthrown, too.
The Evangelist says: “And a great sign appeared in heaven, a
woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and
on her head a crown of twelve stars.” This sign appeared really
in the heavens by divine disposition and was shown to the
good and the bad angels, in order that seeing it they might
subject their will to the pleasure and the commands of God.
They saw it therefore before the good ones chose the good and
before the bad ones had turned to evil. It was as it were a
mirror of the wonderful perfection of the handiwork of God in
creating human nature. Although He had already revealed this
perfection to the angels in making known to them the mystery
of the hypostatic union, yet He wished to reveal it to them also
in a different manner by showing it to them in a mere Creature,
the most perfect and holy which, next to the humanity of our
Lord, He was to create.
9. It was as though God said to the angels:
“I will not chastise in the same way the humans, because this
Woman, in whom my Only-begotten is to assume flesh, belongs
to that race. My Son shall be the Restorer of friendship and the
Pacifier of my justice. He shall open the way to the felicity,
which sin would close.”
He gave the angels to understand that, through Christ and his
Mother, He would now divert upon men the grace which the
apostates had lost through their rebellion. Much of the
mysteries and sacraments of the Incarnation, and those of the
Church militant and its members, were made manifest to them
in this sign. They understood also, that they were to assist and
help the human race, by watching over men, by defending
them against their enemies and by leading them to eternal
10. And there was seen another sign in heaven:
A great, fiery-red dragon with seven heads, and ten horns, and
seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part
of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. Thereupon
followed the punishment of Lucifer and his allies, for after
uttering his blasphemies against the Woman, who had been
symbolized in the heavenly sign, he found himself visibly and
exteriorly transformed from a most beautiful angel in to a fierce
and most horrid dragon. He reared with fury his seven heads,
that is, he led on the seven legions or squadrons of all those that
followed and fell with him. To each principality or
congregation of these followers he
gave a head, commanding them to sin on their own account
and undertake the leadership in the seven mortal sins. These
are named capital sins. For in these are contained the other sins
and they constitute the regiments that rise up against God.
They are the sins called pride, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony,
sloth, and greed. They are the seven diadems with which
Lucifer, after being changed into a dragon, was crowned. This
is the punishment with which he was visited by the Most High
and which he acquired as a return for his horrible wickedness
for himself and for his confederate angels. To all of them were
apportioned the punishment and the pains, which
corresponded to their malice and to the share which they had in
originating the seven capital sins.
11. The ten horns of these heads
were the triumphs of the iniquity and malice of the dragon, and
the vain and arrogant glorification and exaltation which he
attributed to himself in the execution of his wickedness. In his
depraved desire of attaining the object of his arrogance, he
offered to the unhappy angels his malicious and poisonous
friendship and his counterfeit principalities, commanderships
and rewards. These promises, full of bestial ignorance and
error, were the tail with which the dragon drew after him the
third part of the stars of heaven. These angels were the stars
and if they would have persevered, they would have shone
with the rest of the angels and the just, like the sun through the
perpetual eternities. But the punishment which they merited
drew them down to the earth of their unhappiness into its very
centre, which is hell, where they will for all eternity be deprived
of light and happiness.
12. “The dragon appeared before the Woman,
who was ready to be delivered, that when She should be
delivered, he might devour her Son.” Lucifer’s pride was so
monstrous that he desired full of arrogance to set his throne
above all of Gods stars. In the presence of the elected woman
symbolized in the sign, the fool babbled: “This Son, which that
Woman is to bring forth, is of lower nature than mine: I shall
devour Him and destroy Him. I shall lead on my followers
against Him, I shall spread my doctrines against his decrees
and against the laws, which He shall set up. I shall wage
perpetual war and contradiction against Him!”
But Mary is in a position, being only and alone. For She,
being of the same nature as mortals, far excelled all the angels
in grace, merits and gifts.
13. Continuation of the exegesis of the 12th chapter of
the secret revelation.
And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels
fought with the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels.
When the Lord had manifested these things to the good and to
the bad angels, the holy prince Michael and his companions,
with the permission of God, gave battle to the dragon and his
followers. It was a wonderful battle, for it was fought with the
understanding and the will. Saint Michael, burning with zeal
for the honour of God and armed with divine power and with
his own humility, resisted the arrogant pride of the dragon,
saying: “Worthy is the Highest of honour, praise and reverence,
and of being loved, feared and obeyed by all creation. He is
mighty to work whatever He desires. He, who is increate and
without dependence on any other being, cannot seek anything
that is not most just. To us He gave grace such as we have,
creating us and forming us out of nothing. He can create other
beings, as many and in what manner He pleases. It is
reasonable that we adore his Majesty and kingly grandeur.
Come then, ye angels, follow me, let us adore Him, and extol
his admirable and secret judgments, his most perfect and holy
14. He is God, the Most High, King of all creatures.
And He would not be it, if we could attain or comprehend his
great works. Infinite He is in wisdom and goodness, rich in the
treasures of his benefits. As Lord of all and needing none, He
can distribute them to whomsoever He wishes, and He cannot
err in the selection. He can love and confer his favour to
whomsoever He chooses, and He can love whom He likes. He
can raise-up, create and enrich according as it is his good
pleasure. In all things He will be wise, holy and irresistible. Let
us adore and thank Him for the wonderful work of the
Incarnation which He has decreed, and for his favours to his
people and for its restoration to grace after its fall. Let us adore
this Person endowed with the human and the divine nature, let
us reverence It and accept It as our Head. Let us confess, that
He is worthy of all glory, praise and magnificence, and, as the
Author of grace, let us call to Him: “You are the strong, the
mighty, You are God!”
15. With these words St. Michael and his comrades
gave battle.
They fought, as it were, with the powerful rays of truth against
the dragon and his followers, who on their hand made use of
blasphemies. But Lucifer at the sight of the holy prince, not
being able to resist, was torn with interior rage and sought to
fly from his torments. It was the will of God, however, that he
should not only be punished, but also conquered, in order that
by his fall he might know the truth and power of God.
Nevertheless he blasphemed: “Unjust is God in raising the
human nature above the angelic. I am the most exalted and
beautiful angel and the triumph belongs to me. It is I who am to
place my throne above the stars and who shall be like unto the
Highest. I will subject myself to no one of an inferior nature,
and I will not consent that any one take precedence of me or be
greater than I.” In the same way spoke the apostate followers of
16. But St. Michael answered: “Who is there like
unto the Lord, who dwells in the heavens?
Be silent, enemy, cease thy dreadful blasphemies! Since iniquity
has taken possession of thee, depart from our midst, wretch! Be
hurled in thy blind ignorance and wickedness into the dark
night and chaos of the infernal pains! But let us, O spirits of the
Lord, honour and reverence this blessed Woman, who is to give
human flesh to the eternal Word, and let us recognize Her as
our Queen and Lady.”
The >great sign< of the heavenly Queen served the good angels
as a shield and as arms of battle against the evil ones. For at the
sight of it, Lucifer’s power of reasoning weakened and was
brought to confusion and silence, since they could not endure
the mysteries and sacraments contained in this sign. And just as
by divine power this mysterious sign appeared, so now the
other figure or sign of the dragon appeared, in order that thus
transformed he might be ignominiously hurled from heaven
amid the fright and terror of his followers and amid the
astonishment of the holy angels.
17. So Gods power and might was manifested once
It is difficult to describe in words what passed in that battle,
since there is such a wide difference between our conceptions
and those which would be appropriate to the nature and
operations of such great spirits as these angels. But the bad ones
did not prevail, for injustice, lies, ignorance and malice could
not prevail against equity, truth, light and goodness nor could
these virtues be overcome by vices.
Therefore, the Evangelist said: “From that time on their place
was not found in heaven.” Through the sins which these
disgraced angels had committed, they made themselves
unworthy of the eternal vision and company of the Lord. Their
memory was blotted out from His mind, where they had been
written by the excellences and graces of the nature given to
them. They lost the right to the places, which had been reserved
for them, if they had obeyed.
To mankind these places were now transferred in such a way
that the very vestiges of the apostate angels were blotted out
and were no more found in heaven.
O unhappy wickedness and never to be described misfortune,
which drew after itself such a horrible and dreadful
18. So the dragon was cast out,
and with him his angels were thrown down. The holy
archangel Michael hurled from heaven the dragon Lucifer with
the invincible word: “Who is like unto God?” So powerful was
this word that it sufficed to precipitate that proud giant and his
host to the earth and cast him in dreadful ignominy to the
centre of the earth. From that time he began to be called dragon,
serpent, Devil and Satan, imposed upon him by the holy
archangel in that battle as a testimony of his iniquity and
malice. Deprived of the happiness and honour, of which he had
become unworthy, he was despoiled also of his names and
honourable titles, acquiring in their stead such as designate his
ignominy. The wicked plans which he proposed and enjoined
upon his confederates, namely, that they should deceive and
pervert all those that live in the world, manifest sufficiently his
wickedness already. He therefore, who intended to scourge the
nations, was consigned to hellish regions.
Isaia says about him: “You will be thrown into the profound
abyss. Your cadaver will be delivered to the moth and the
worm of your own bad conscience” (Is. 14, 15) Thus was
fulfilled in Lucifer all that Isaia says in the 14th chapter of his
19. So heaven was cleared of the bad angels.
Divinity had been unveiled to the good and the obedient. When
they were admitted into glory, the apostate angels were
God also partly revealed to the angels the decree of this divine
consistory, saying: “Lucifer has raised the banner of pride and
sin and will persecute with all his malice the whole human race.
With cunning he will pervert many men, so that they will
destroy themselves. In the blindness of sin and vice men will
prevaricate, heedless of danger. But his lying pride, his sins and
vices, are infinitely distant from our nature and wishes. We will
therefore bring out the triumph of virtue and sanctity.
20. Conclusion of the exegesis of the 12th chapter of
the secret revelation.
Woe to the earth, and to the sea, because the devil is come
down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a
short time. Woe to the earth, where so many sins and such
wickedness shall be perpetrated! Woe to the sea, which refused
to pour forth its floods and annihilate the transgressors at the
sight of so great offences against its Creator, and to avenge the
insults against its Creator. But more woe to the profound and
raging sea of those that follow the demon, after he had
descended in their midst in order to war against them with
great wrath and with such unheard-of cruelty. It is the wrath of
the most ferocious dragon,
and greater than that of the devouring lion, who attempts to
annihilate all creation and to whom all the days of the world
seem a short time to execute his fury. He desires eternal ages, if
possible, in order to wage war against the sons of God. But
incomparably greater than against all others is his rage against
that most blessed Woman, who was to crush his head.
And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he
persecuted the Woman, who brought forth the boy. When the
ancient serpent saw the most unhappy place and state to which
he had fallen, he broke out in so much the greater rage and
envy, like a wild beast tearing its own entrails. Against the
Mother of the Word incarnate he conceived such a furious rage,
as no human intelligence can ever understand.
As soon as Lucifer with his followers entered hell, they
assembled in general council. During this time Lucifer exerted
all his astuteness and diabolical malice in conferring with the
demons and concocting plans to offend God so much the more
deeply, and to obtain revenge for the chastisement, to which he
had been subjected.
They came to the conclusion and resolved that the greatest
vengeance and injury against God would be to impede the
effects of the love, which they knew God bore toward mankind.
This they hoped to attain by deceiving men, and persuading
them, or even, as far as possible, compelling them to neglect the
friendship of God, to be ungrateful toward Him, and to rebel
against his will. By this they would lose His mercy and
Lucifer said: “Toward this end we must apply all our forces, all
our solicitude and knowledge. We will subject the human
creatures to our influence and will, in order to destroy them.
We will persecute this race of men and will deprive them of
the reward promised to them. We will exert all our vigilance,
to prevent them from arriving at the vision of God, which was
denied us unjustly. I will gain great triumphs over them. I will
destroy them all and subject them to my designs. I will sow
new sects and errors, and set up laws contrary to those of the
Most High. I will raise-up from among men false prophets and
leaders, who will spread these doctrines and I will scatter this
seed through them and afterwards I will assign to them a place
in these profound torments.
“I will afflict the poor, oppress the afflicted, and persecute the
timid. I will sow discord, excite wars, and stir up nations
against each other. I will raise-up proud and haughty men to
extend the dominion of sin and after they shall have executed
my designs, I will bury them in this eternal fire, and in so much
the greater torments, the more faithfully they followed me. This
is my kingdom and this is the reward which I will give to those
who follow me.
“I will wage fierce war against the incarnate Word, for although
He is God, He is also man, and therefore of a lower nature than
mine. I will exalt my throne and my dignity above His, I will
conquer Him and will humble Him by my power and
astuteness. The Woman who is to be his Mother shall perish at
my hands. What is one Woman against my power and
greatness? And you, ye demons, who were injured together
with me, follow me and obey me in the pursuit of this
vengeance, as you have followed me in disobedience. Pretend
to love men, in order to destroy them. Serve them, in order to
ruin them and deceive them. Help them, in order to pervert
them and draw them into these my hellish regions.”
No human tongue can explain the malice and fury of this first
council of Lucifer and his hosts against the human race, which
although not yet in existence, was to be created.
In it were concocted all the vices and sins of the world. Thence
proceeded lies, sects and errors. All iniquity had its origin in
that chaos and in that abominable gathering, and all those that
do evil are in the service of the prince of hell.
21. The downfall of Adam and Eve in paradise.
The happy state in which God had created the parents of the
human race lasted only a very short while, for the envy of the
serpent was immediately aroused against them. Satan was
impatiently awaiting their creation, as he had witnessed the
creation of all other things. However, the Lord did not choose
to manifest to him the creation of Adam, nor the formation of
Eve from a rib. All that was concealed from him for a space of
time until both of them were joined.
But when Lucifer saw the admirable composition of the human
nature, perfect beyond that of any other creature, the beauty of
the souls and also of the bodies of Adam and Eve, when he saw
the paternal love with which the Lord regarded them, and how
He made them the lords of all creation, and that He gave them
hope of eternal life, his wrath enflamed once again more than
ever before. Indescribable great was his envy and his desire to
take the life of Adam and Eve, and like an enraged lion he
certainly would have done so, if he had not known, that a
superior force would prevent him. Nevertheless he studied and
plotted out some means, which would suffice to deprive them
of the grace of the Most High and make them Gods enemies.
22. Lucifer deceived himself.
The Lord had from the beginning manifested to him, that the
Word was to assume human nature in the womb of the most
holy Mary, but not how and when, and He had also concealed
the creation of Adam and the formation of Eve, so that Lucifer
might from the beginning labour under his ignorance
concerning the mystery and the time of the Incarnation. As his
wrath and his watchfulness had thus been so signally
forestalled in regard to Christ and Mary, he suspected that
Adam had come forth from Eve, and that She was the Mother
and Adam the incarnate Word. His suspicions grew, when he
felt the divine power, which prevented him from harming their
lives. He lost his speculations more and more as he listened to
Adam and Eve talk about the precepts given to them by God.
So he began to eavesdrop on them and sized up their natural
He began to follow them like a roaring lion, seeking an entrance
through those inclinations, which he found in each of them.
Nevertheless, until he was undeceived in the course of the
Redemption, he continued to hesitate between his wrath
against Christ and Mary and the dread of being overcome by
Them. Most of all he dreaded the confusion of being conquered
by the Queen of heaven, who was to be a mere creature and not
23. Taking courage in the precept,
which was given to Adam and Eve by God, and having
prepared the snare, Lucifer entered with all his energy upon the
work of entrapping them and of opposing the execution of the
divine Will. He first approached the woman, and not the man,
because he knew her to be by nature more frail and weak, and
because in tempting her he would be more certain that it was
not Christ whom he was encountering. Against her also he was
more enraged since he had seen the sign in the heaven and
since the threat, which God had made in it against him. On all
these accounts his wrath was greater against Eve than against
Adam. Before he showed himself to her, however, he aroused
in her many disturbing thoughts and imaginations, in order to
approach her in a state of excitement and pre-occupation.
I will not enlarge here upon the violence and inhumanity of this
temptation. It is enough to mention what Scripture says,
namely that he took the form of a serpent and thus speaking to
Eve drew her into a conversation, which she should not have
permitted. Listening to him and answering, she began to
believe him. So she violated the command of God, and finally
persuaded her husband likewise to transgress the precept. Thus
ruin, overtook them and all the rest, for themselves and for us
they lost the state of grace.
24. When Lucifer saw the progenitors fallen,
and their interior beauty and grace and original justice changed
into the ugliness of sin, he celebrated his triumph with
incredible joy and vaunting in the company of his demons. But
he soon fell from his proud boasting, when he saw, contrary to
his expectations, how kindly the merciful love of God dealt
with the delinquents, and how He offered them a chance of
doing penance by giving them hope of pardon and return of
grace. More over he saw how they were disposing themselves
to ward this forgiveness by sorrow and contrition, and how the
beauty of grace was restored to them.
When the demons perceived the great effect of contrition, all
hell was again in confusion. Lucifer’s consternation grew, when
he heard the sentence, which God pronounced against the
guilty ones, in which he himself was implicated. More
especially and above all was he tormented by the repetition of
that threat: “The Woman shall crush thy head!”
25. At the instant of the incarnation of the Word,
Lucifer and all hell felt the power of the right arm of the
Almighty which hurled them to the deepest of the infernal
caverns. There they remained overwhelmed for some days,
until the Lord in his admirable providence allowed them to
come forth from this captivity, the cause of which they did not
The great dragon then arose and scoured the earth, spying
everywhere for new developments to which he might attribute
the rout which he and all his satellites had experienced. This
search the proud prince of darkness would not trust entirely to
his companions, but he himself issued forth in their company to
course about upon the globe, seeking with the most cunning
malice to find what he wanted. He spent in this search three
months and finally returned to hell just as ignorant of the true
cause as when he had come forth.
For the great mysteries of heaven were not intelligible to him at
that time, because the darkness of his malice did not permit him
either to rejoice in their wonderful effects or to glorify and bless
their Author. This was reserved to us men, for whom
Redemption was inaugurated.
The enemy of God was very much confused and aggrieved,
without knowing how to account for it. In order to discuss the
matter, he called together all the infernal hosts, without
excusing or permitting a single one of the demons to be absent.
In this convention, from a place of vantage, he addressed the
meeting in this manner: “You well know, my subjects, with
what great anxiety I, ever since God has cast us out from his
dwelling and deprived us of our might, have sought to avenge
myself and tried to destroy the power of the Almighty.
Although I cannot do anything to injure Him, I have spared no
time or exertion in extending my dominion over men whom He
loves. By my own strength I have peopled my reign and many
nations and tribes follow and obey me.
Day by day I draw toward myself innumerable souls, depriving
them of the knowledge and possession of God, in order that
they may not enjoy the happiness which we have lost. I ensnare
them to these eternal pains which we suffer, since they will
follow my teachings and guidance.
On them I will wreak the vengeance which I have conceived
against their Creator. But all this appears of small consequence
to me in the face of the sudden overthrow which we have
experienced. An attack so powerful and ruinous has not
happened to us since we were hurled from heaven. I must
acknowledge that as well your as my power has met a serious
shock. This new and extraordinary defeat must have some new
cause, and our weakness, I fear, is the beginning of our ruin.
This matter will require renewed diligence, for my fury is
unquenchable and my vengeance remains insatiable. I have
scoured the whole earth, observed all its inhabitants with great
care, and yet I have found nothing notable.
26. I have watched and persecuted all the virtuous
and perfect women to find our enemy (Maria),
whom we saw in heaven. But I find no sign of her having as yet
been born. I do not find one who possesses the marks of Her
who is to be the Mother of the Messiah. A Maiden whom I
feared on account of her great virtues, and whom I persecuted
in the temple, is already married. Therefore she can not be the
one we look for, since Isaiah says She is to be a virgin.
Nevertheless I fear and detest this Maiden, since such a
virtuous Woman might give birth to the Mother of the Messiah
or to some great prophet. To this hour I have not been able to
overcome Her in anything, and of Her life I understand less
than of that of others. She has always valiantly resisted me, as
She eludes my memory, or remembering Her, I cannot
approach Her. I have not yet been able to decide whether these
difficulties in regard to Her are miraculous, or arise from my
forgetfulness, or whether they are simply the consequences of
the contempt in which I hold such an insignificant Maiden. But
I will consider this matter.
Twice these days, I could not resist the power of her command,
by which we were dispossessed of our right to dwell in those
persons from whom She drove us. This certainly requires
satisfaction, and She merits my wrath solely on account of what
She has shown Herself to be on these occasions. I resolve to
persecute Her and overcome Her, and do you yourselves assist
me in this enterprise with all your strength and malice. And
those who will distinguish themselves in this conquest shall
receive great rewards at my hands.”
The whole infernal rabble, which had listened attentively to
Lucifer, praised and approved his intentions, and they told him
not to worry over this Woman, for She would easily be
overcome and he should not be without his triumphs over Her,
since his power was so great and ruled almost all the world.
27. They set about discussing the means of
entrapping the most holy Virgin,
supposing Her to be a woman of distinguished and remarkable
virtue and holiness, but not the Mother of the incarnate Word.
Then a long battle followed for Mary against Lucifer and his
companions in malice, thus making it possible for Her to crush
the head of the infernal dragon
many times.
Although the Almighty could always repress and restrain the
devils by force, yet He proceeds in this matter according to
what is most appropriate to his infinite goodness. On this
account the Lord concealed from these enemies the dignity of
the most holy Mary and the wonderful manner of her
pregnancy, as well as her virginal integrity before and after the
birth. Likewise they were uncertain of the Divinity of Christ our
Lord until the moment of his Death. Only then they saw that
they had been deceived and misled in regard to many mysteries
of the Redemption. They could never penetrate the mystery of
the Saviour’s humility and their inflated pride kept them in
28. Lucifer aims to prevent the Christ’s works of
The tyrannical sway of Lucifer over this world was not
anymore so unobstructed as it had been in the ages preceding
the Incarnation of the divine Word. From the hour of
promulgation on, this strongly armed one felt a superior force,
which oppressed and crushed him. After the birth of Christ he
felt this power, when the Infant Jesus entered into Egypt, and
on many occasions afterward the dragon was routed and
overcome by the force of divine truth issuing from the great
Now the wondrous works of Jesus began. Because of all of this
the ancient serpent was beginning to be much troubled by his
fears and suspicions, lest a new and vast force had established
itself on the earth.
But as the sacrament of the Incarnation was deeply hidden from
him, he lived on in his blind fury without suspicion of the truth,
although, since his fall from heaven, he had most anxiously
tried to ascertain when and how the divine Word would leave
heaven and assume human flesh. This wonderful work of God
was what his arrogance and pride feared most of all. This
anxiety induced him to convoke the many council meetings.
Finding himself then full of uncertainty concerning the
experiences of the demons and of Himself with Jesus and Mary,
he questioned himself by what power he had been vanquished.
As he could not clear the mystery for himself, he resolved to
consult those of his associates who excelled in malice and
astuteness. He gave forth a roar or tremendous howl in hell,
using the language understood by the demons, and called
together those who were subject to him. All of them having
been gathered together, he made them a speech, saying: “My
ministers and companions, who have always followed me in
my just opposition, you well know that in the first state in
which we were placed by the Creator of all things, we
acknowledged Him as the universal source of all our being and
thus also respected Him. But as soon as, to the detriment of our
beauty and pre-eminence, so close to the Deity, He imposed
upon us the command, that we adore and serve the person of
the Word, in the human form, which He intended to assume,
we resisted his will.
29. I knew that this reverence was due Him as God.
Yet as He chose to unite Himself to the nature of man, so
ignoble and inferior to mine, I could not bear to be subject to
Him, nor could I bear to see, that He did not favour me rather
than the creature man. He not only commanded us to adore
Him, but also to recognize as our superior a Woman, his
Mother, a mere earthly creature. To these grievances we took
exception. We objected to them and resolved to deny Him
obedience. On account of our behaviour at that time we are
punished and made to suffer the pains of our present condition.
We are aware of these truths and acknowledge them with terror
among ourselves.
But it will not do to confess them before men. And this I put as
a command upon you all, in order that they may not know of
our present ignorance and weakness.”
“But if this Godman and his Mother are really to come, it is
clear, that their coming into this world shall be the beginning of
our greatest ruin and torment.
And that, for this reason, I must seek with all my strength to
prevent, and to destroy Them, even at the cost of overturning
and destroying all the world. You all know how invincible has
been my strength until now, since such a great portion of the
world obeyed my command and is subject to my will and
cunning. But in the last few years I have noticed on many
occasions, that your powers seemed to have decreased and
weakened, that you were oppressed and overcome.
I myself feel a superior force, which restrains and intimidates
me. Several times I have searched with you through the whole
world, trying to find some clue for this loss and oppression
which we feel, if this Messiah, who is promised to the chosen
people of God, is already in the world.
We not only failed to discover Him on the whole face of the
earth, but we see no certain signs of his coming and we
perceive none of the pomp and outward show naturally
attendant upon
such a person. Nevertheless I have my misgivings, lest the time
of his coming from heaven onto this earth be already near.
Therefore we ought all be eager to destroy Him and the Woman
whom He shall choose for His Mother. Whoever shall
distinguish himself in this work, shall not complain of my
thankfulness and reward. Until now I have found guilt and the
effects of guilt in all men, and I have seen no such majesty and
grand magnificence as would induce the Word to become man
and which would oblige mortals to adore Him and offer Him
sacrifice, for by this homage we shall be able to recognize Him.”
30. “My confusion is too great right now,”
continued Lucifer, “for, if the eternal Word has not yet come
into the world, I cannot understand these new experiences, nor
whence comes this strong opposition which overpowers us.
Who drove us out and hurled us from Egypt? Who destroyed
the temples and crushed the idols of that country in which we
were adored by all the inhabitants? Who oppresses us now in
the land of Galilee and its neighbourhood, and prevents us
from perverting many of the persons in danger of death? Who
keeps away from sin so many souls as if they were with drawn
from our jurisdiction, and who causes so many to better their
lives and begin to seek the kingdom of God?
If this damaging influence is allowed to continue, great
misfortune and torment may arise for all of us from this secret
force, which we do not comprehend. It is necessary to put a
stop to it and search anew all over the world, whether it does
not contain a great prophet or saint, who seeks our destruction.
I have not been able to discover any one to whom I could
ascribe such a power.
31.Only I have a deathly hatred against that Woman
(Mary), our enemy,
especially since we persecuted Her in the temple and later on in
her house at Nazareth. For we have always been vanquished
and terrified by the virtue which shields Her and resists our
malice. Never have I been able to search her interior or come
near her person. She has a Son (Jesus), and, when Both of Them
attended at his father’s (Joseph’s) death, all of us were unable
to approach the place where They were.
They are poor and neglected people, She is an unknown and
helpless little woman. But I presume without a doubt, that both
Son and Mother must be counted among the just. I have
continually sought to draw them into the failings common to
men, and yet I have never succeeded in causing them to commit
the least of the disorderly or reprehensible of actions, which are
so common and natural with other people. I know that the
Almighty conceals from me the state of these souls. And this
doubtlessly argues some hidden danger for us.
Even if this Man is not the Messiah, it is certain that they are
just and our enemies, which is sufficient reason for persecuting
Them and ruining Them, and especially for seeking to find out
who They are. Do you all follow me in the enterprise with all
diligence, for I shall be your leader in our fight against Them.”
With this exhortation Lucifer concluded his long speech.
Immediately the prince of darkness, together with countless
legions of evil spirits, issued forth from hell and spread over the
whole world. They persisted in roaming through it many times,
searching out in their malice and cunning all the just, trying to
lead them into temptation.
But Christ our Lord in his wisdom concealed his own person
and that of his Mother for a long time from the haughty Lucifer.
He did not permit him to see or recognize Him, until He betook
Himself to the desert, where He allowed the devil to tempt Him
after his long fast.
The Most High granted all those who pronounce the names of
Jesus and Mary in reverence and in faith, will overcome their
hellish enemies.
32. Council held by the evil demons in hell after the
death of Jesus Christ.
The rout of Lucifer and his angels from Calvary to the abyss of
hell was more violent and disastrous than their first expulsion
from heaven. Hell is always a place full of gloomy disorder,
misery, torments and confusion. Yet on this occasion the chaos
and disorder was greatly increased. The damned were made to
feel new horror and additional punishments at the sudden
meeting of the ferocious demons in their rabid fury. The devils
have not the power of assigning the damned to a place of
greater or lesser torment. Their torments are decreed by divine
justice according to the measure of the demerits of each of the
When Lucifer was permitted to arise from the consternation, he
set about proposing to his fellow-demons new plans of his
pride. For this purpose he called them all together and he spoke
to them:
“To you, who have for so many ages followed and still follow
my standards for the vengeance of my wrongs, is known the
injury which I have now sustained at the hands of this Mangod,
and how for 33 years He has led me about in deceit, hiding his
Divinity and concealing the operations of his soul, and how He
has now triumphed over us by the very death which we have
brought upon Him. Before He assumed flesh I hated Him and
refused to acknowledge Him as being more worthy than I to be
adored by the rest of creation.
Although on account of this resistance I was cast out from
heaven with you and was degraded to this abominable
condition so unworthy of my greatness and former beauty, I am
even more tormented to see myself thus vanquished and
oppressed by this Man and by his Mother.
33. From the day on which the first man was created I
have sleeplessly sought to find and destroy Them
or if I should not be able to destroy Them, I at least wished to
bring destruction upon all his creatures and induce them not to
acknowledge Him as their God, and that none of them should
ever draw any benefit from his works. This has been my intent,
to this all my solicitude and efforts were directed, but in vain.
He has overcome me by his humility and poverty, crushed me
by his patience, and at last has despoiled me of the
sovereignty of the world by his Passion and frightful Death.
This causes me such an excruciating pain, that, even if I
succeeded in hurling Him from the right hand of his Father,
where He sits triumphant, and if I should draw all the souls
redeemed down into this hell, my wrath would not be satiated
or my fury placated.
Is it possible that the human nature, so inferior to my own, shall
be exalted above all the creatures? That it should be so loved
and favoured, as to be united to the Creator in the person of the
eternal Word?
Why has he made war to me even before becoming human, and
afterwards overwhelmed me with such confusion?
From the beginning I have held this humanity as my greatest
enemy, it has always filled me with intolerable abhorrence.
34. O men, so favoured and gifted by your God,
whom I abhor,
and so ardently loved by Him! How shall I hinder your good
fortune? How shall I bring upon
you my unhappiness, since I cannot destroy the existence you
have received?
What shall we now begin, my followers? How shall we restore
our reign? How shall we recover our power over men? How
shall we overcome them?
For if men from now on shall not be most senseless and
ungrateful, if they are not worse disposed than we ourselves
toward this Godman, who has redeemed them with so much
love, it is clear that all of them will eagerly follow Him. None
will take notice of our deceits.
They will abhor the honours which we insidiously offer them,
and will love contempt. They will seek the mortification of the
flesh and will discover the danger of carnal pleasure and ease
They will despise riches and treasures, and love the poverty so
much honoured by their Master.
All that we can offer to their appetites they will abhor in
imitation of their true Redeemer. Thus will our reign be
destroyed, since no one will be added to our number in this
place of confusion and torments. All will reach the happiness
which we have lost, all will humiliate themselves to the dust
and suffer with patience and my wrath and haughtiness will
avail me nothing.
What torment does this mistake cause me! When I tempted
Him in the desert, the only result was to afford Him a chance to
leave the example of this victory, by following which men can
overcome me so much the more easily. My persecutions only
brought out more clearly his doctrine of humility and patience.
In persuading Judas to betray Him, and the Jews to subject Him
to the deadly torture of the Cross, I merely hastened my ruin
and the salvation of men, while the doctrine I sought to blot out
was only the more firmly implanted.
How could One who is God humiliate Himself to such an
extent? How could He bear so much from men who are evil?
How could I myself have been led to assist so much in making
this salvation so copious and wonderful?
35. O how godlike is the power of that Man,
which could torment and weaken me so! And how can this
Woman, his Mother and my enemy, be so mighty and
invincible in her opposition to me! New is such power in a
mere creature, and no doubt She derived it from the divine
Word, whom She clothed in human flesh.
Through this Woman the Almighty has ceaselessly waged war
against me, though I have hated Her in my pride from the
moment I recognized Her in her image or heavenly sign. But as
long as my proud indignation is not satisfied, I will wage
perpetual war against this Redeemer, against his Mother and
against men.
Now then, ye demons who follow me, now is the time to give
way to our wrath against God. What measures can we take?”
They gave their answers to this dreadful proposal, encouraging
Lucifer by making suggestions for hindering the fruit of the
Redemption among men.
36. They all agreed that it was not possible to attack
the person of Christ,
to diminish the immense value of his merits, to destroy the
efficacy of the Sacraments, to falsify or abolish the doctrine
which Christ had preached. Yet they resolved that, in
accordance with the new order of assistance and favour
established by God for the salvation of men, they should now
seek new ways of hindering and preventing the work of God by
so much the greater deceits and temptations.
Some of the most astute and malicious demons said:
37. “Men now have at their disposal a new doctrine,
and a very powerful law, new and efficacious Sacraments, a
new Model and Instructor of virtues, a powerful Intercessor
and Advocate in this Woman.
Yet the natural inclinations and passions of the flesh remain just
the same, and the sensible and delectable creatures have not
changed their nature. Let us begin strenuous warfare against
mankind by suggesting new attractions, exciting them to follow
their passions in forgetfulness of all else. Thus men, being taken
up with these dangerous things, cannot attend to the contrary.”
All agreed and Lucifer gave special orders to single devils, in
order that they might, with a specialized astuteness, tempt men
to different vices. They resolved to continue to propagate
idolatry in the world. Wherever idolatry would fail, they
concluded to establish sects and heresies.
For those they would select the most perverse and depraved of
the human race as leaders and teachers of error. Then and there
was concocted among these malignant spirits the heresies of
Arius, Pelagius, Nestorius, and whatever other heresies have
been started in the world from the first ages of the Church until
now, together with those which they have in readiness. Lucifer
showed himself content with these infernal counsels as being
opposed to divine truth and destructive of the very foundation
of man’s rescue, namely divine faith. He lavished flattering
praise and high offices upon those demons, who showed
themselves willing and who undertook to find the impious
originators of these errors.
38. Some of the devils charged themselves with
perverting the inclinations of children at their
conception and birth,
others to induce parents to be negligent in the education and
instruction of their children, either through an inordinate love
or aversion, and to cause a hatred of parents among the
Some offered to create hatred between husbands and wives,
to place them in the way of adultery, or to think little of the
fidelity promised to their conjugal partners.
All agreed to sow among men the seeds of discord, hatred and
vengeance, proud and sensual thoughts, desire of riches or
honours, and by suggesting sophistical reasons against all the
virtues Christ has taught.
Above all they intended to weaken the remembrance of his
Passion and Death, of the means of salvation, and of the eternal
pains of hell. By these means the demons hoped to burden all
the powers and the faculties of men with solicitude for earthly
affairs and sensual pleasures, leaving them little time for
spiritual thoughts and their own salvation.
Lucifer replied: “It will be easy to put our plans into practice
with those, who do not profess the law given by this Redeemer
to men, though with those who accept and embrace these laws,
it will be a difficult enterprise. But against this law and against
those that follow it, I intend to direct all my wrath and fury in
all its bitterness.
Against these must our most relentless battle be waged to the
end of the world. In this new Church I must strive to sow my
cockle, the ambitions, the avarice, the sensuality, and the
deadly hatreds, with all the other vices, of which I am the head.
For if once these sins multiply and increase among the faithful,
they will, with their concomitant malice and ingratitude, irritate
God and justly deprive men of the helps of grace left to them by
the merits of the Redeemer. If once they have thus despoiled
themselves of these means of salvation, we shall have assured
victory over them.
39. We must also exert ourselves to weaken piety and
all that is spiritual and divine
so that they do not realize the power of the Sacraments and
receive them in mortal sin, or at least without fervour and
For since these Sacraments are spiritual, it is necessary to
receive them with well-disposed will, in order to reap their
If once they despise the medicine, they shall languish in their
sickness and be less able to withstand our temptations. They
will not see through our deceits, they will let the memory of
their Redeemer and of the intercession of his Mother slip from
their minds.
Thus will their foul ingratitude make them unworthy of grace
and so irritate their God and Saviour, as to deprive them of his
helps. In all this I wish, that all of you assist me strenuously,
losing neither time nor occasion for executing my commands.”
40. It is not possible to rehearse all,
that this dragon and his allies concocted at that time against the
holy Church and her children, in order “that these waters of
Jordan might be swallowed up in his throat” (Job 40, 18).
It is enough to state that they pent nearly a full year after the
Death of Christ in conferring and considering among
themselves the state of the world up to that time and the
changes wrought by Christ through his Death.
If all these labours have not sufficed to draw all men to the way
of salvation, it can be easily understood, that Lucifer should
have prevailed and that his wrath should be so great, as to
cause us justly to say with Saint John:
“Woe to the earth, for Satan is come down to you full of wrath
and fury!” (Offb. 12, 12)
41. Unfortunately those truths so infallible should in
our days be blotted from the minds of mortals to
their irreparable danger.
The enemy is astute, cruel and watchful, we, however, are
sleepy, lukewarm and careless. What wonder that Lucifer has
entrenched himself so firmly in the world, when so many listen
to him, accept and follow his deceits, so few resist him, and
entirely forget the eternal death, which he so furiously and
maliciously seeks to draw upon them.
42. By the testimony of the holy Scripture and by the
teaching of the holy masters
of the spiritual life, the whole Church and all its children are
informed of the malice and most vigilant cruelty of hell against
all men in seeking to draw them to the eternal torments. From
the same sources we know also how the infinite power of God
defends us, so that, if we wish to avail ourselves of his
invincible friend ship and protection, and if we on our part
make ourselves worthy of the merits of Christ our Saviour, we
shall walk securely on the path of eternal salvation.
Saint Paul assures us, we must exert ourselves, lest our hopes
be made vain through want of our cooperation. Hence Saint
Paul, having admonished us to throw all our care upon the
Lord, he adds immediately: “Be sober and watch, because your
adversary the devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking
whom he may devour.” (1 Petr. 5,7)
These and other advices are given for every one. And although
from them and from continued experience the children of the
Church might arrive at a more definite and particular
knowledge of the attacks and persecutions of the devils against
all men, yet because in their earthliness and gross sensuality
they are accustomed to attend only to what they perceive by the
senses and never lift their thoughts to higher things, they live in
a false security, ignoring the inhuman and hidden cruelty with
which the devils solicit and draw them to perdition and therein
Men are ignorant also of the divine protection by which they
are surrounded and defended. And like ignorant persons, they
neither give thanks for this blessing, nor pay any attention to
their danger. We humans are sunk in a formidable lethargy and
forgetfulness, have neither sorrow nor compassion for
43. In order to rouse from their torpor those that read
this history,
I understand, that throughout the course of these revelations I
have been enlightened concerning the hidden schemes of
malice concocted by the demons against the mysteries of Christ,
against the Church and her children.
The enmity of Lucifer and his demons against man is as old as
their disobedience against God. Their fury and cruelty, after
they had come to know that the eternal Word was to take flesh
and to be born of that Woman clothed with the sun, are
proportionate to their rebellious pride against God.
As he cannot vent his hatred against God upon the
Omnipotent, he executes it upon the works of his right hand.
Besides this, possessing the nature of an angel, he resolves
irrevocably and never ceases to strive after what he has once
determined to attain. Hence, although changing the means to
attain his end, he never changes his will in regard to
persecuting mankind. On the contrary his hatred has increased
and will increase in proportion to the favours lavished by God
upon the just and upon the holy children of his Church.
44. Moreover, this fiend is a pure spirit and is not
fatigued or ever in need of rest.
Therefore he is so vigilant in persecuting us, that he commences
the combat from the very first instant of our existence in the
mothers womb and he does not abate his fury and strife against
the soul until it leaves the body.
The saying of Job is verified: that “the life of man on earth is a
war-fare”. This battle does not consist merely in our being born
in original sin and therefore subject to the (fomes peccati) and
the disorderly passions inclining us to evil. But, besides
fomenting the continual battle within our own selves, the
demon wages war against us on his own account, availing
himself of all his own astuteness and malice, and, as far as his
power goes, of our own senses, faculties, inclinations and
Above all he seeks to make use of other natural causes to
deprive us of salvation together with our life. And if he does
not succeed in this, he misses no chance of causing us damage
or leading us into sin and robbing us of grace, even from the
moment of our conception until that of our death.
This peril is waged especially against the children of the
Church and happens in the following manner.
45. As soon as the Satan suspects that the conception
of a human body is to take place,
he first notes the intention of the parents, and whether they are
in the state of grace or not, or whether they have committed any
excess in the act of generation.
He studies also the complexion of the humours of their bodies,
for ordinarily these humours influence also those of the body
generated. The demons also take note of the particular as well
as of the general natural causes and conditions of nature, which
unite in bringing about the generation and the organisation of
the human body. From these different concurring elements of
generation, the demons, with their vast experience, judge as
much as possible of the complexion or inclinations of the one
conceived and they are wont to lay out great plans for future
If they fear good results, they seek to hinder as much as
possible the last generation or infusion of the soul, waylaying
the mother with dangers or temptations to bring about an
abortion before the creation of the soul, and to prevent the
creature from issuing to light, and from attaining Baptism, if
it is to be born where this Sacrament can easily be administered,
and thus withholding them in limbo from the vision of God.
Among pagans and idolaters they are not so solicitous, because
among them damnation is in certain prospect.
46. Against the dragons malign influence the Most
High provides defence and protection in various
The most common is that of his vast and universal Providence,
which insures the proper effects of natural causes in their time,
independently of the perversion or hindrance of the demons.
For this is the limit set to their power.
Otherwise, if God would give free scope to their implacable
malice, they would overturn the whole world. The goodness of
the Creator will not allow this, nor does He wish to deliver over
his works or the government of inferior matters, much less that
of men, to his sworn and mortal enemies.
For the demons, in his scheme of the universe, hold the places
merely of vile executioners. And even in this office they do no
more than what is commanded or permitted them. If depraved
men would not join hands with these enemies, entertaining
their deceits and by their sins meriting punishment, all nature
would preserve the common order of cause and effect both in
general and in particular.
And there would be no occasion for such great misfortunes and
losses among the faithful, in the diminution of crops, in
contagious diseases, in sudden deaths, and in other
All these and many other evils, happening even at the birth of
children through vices and disorders, we merit ourselves by
uniting with the demons for our own chastisement and by
delivering ourselves over to their malice.
47. Besides this general providence of God for the
protection of his creatures must be mentioned the
particular protection of the angels.
This defence commences from the womb in which we receive
being, and continues until our souls are presented at the
tribunal of God to be adjudged to the state merited by each one.
At the moment in which a human being is conceived, the Lord
commands the angels to stand guard over it and its mother.
Afterwards, at the right time, He assigns a particular angel as
its guardian.
Words cannot describe what and how great are the astuteness
and diligence of the demon in order to ruin man by inducing
him to commit some sin, as soon as he comes to the years of
discretion and the use of reason.
48.For this he seeks to accustom them to vicious
actions during the years of their infancy, to present
to their ears and eyes the example of evil conduct,
and to make the parents neglectful in counteracting
this bad example.
For in this tender age, like in soft wax on the unwritten tablet,
all sensible impressions are deeply engraved and thus afford
the demons an opportunity to move the inclinations and
passions of the children. As soon as they fall into some sin, the
demon immediately takes possession of their souls, acquiring
new right and power for drawing them into other sins.
49. Not less active is the diligence and care of the
holy angels
to prevent such damage and defend us from the devil. They
frequently inspire the parents with holy thoughts, urging them
to watch over the education of their children, to catechize them
in the law of God, to enjoin upon them pious works and
devotions, to withdraw from evil and exercise themselves in the
The same good thoughts they instil into the children as they
grow up, or according to the light given them by God as to his
intentions with the souls. In conducting this defence they enter
into great disputes with the demons. Because those malign
spirits allege all the sins of the parents against the children and
likewise the wrongful doings of the children themselves.
For if they are not guilty, the demons claim that their actions
are the result of their own activity and therefore that they have
a right to continue them in their souls. If the child, on coming to
the use of reason, commences to sin, they put up a great fight to
prevent the good angels from with drawing them from evil.
50. The good angels on their part allege the virtues of
the parents and forefathers,
and the good actions of the children themselves. Even if it were
no more than that of having pronounced the name of Jesus or
Mary as taught them by their parents, they bring this as a
defence as their having begun to honour the name of their Lord
and of their Mother.
And likewise, if the children practice other devotions, or know
the Christian prayers and recite them, the good angels use these
to defend them. Of all this, the angels avail themselves as
serviceable arms in our defence against the demon.
For with each good action we rob the devils of some of the right
acquired over us by original sin, and still more by actual sin.
51. As soon as man enters into the use of his reason
the battle between the demons and the angels
becomes still bitterer.
For whenever we commit some sin, the dragon exerts all his
powers to deprive us of our lives before we have time to do
penance and thus to seal our eternal damnation.
But if men would see into these secret workings of the demons
just as they happen, and if they could perceive the traps and
pitfalls, which of their own fault they permit the demon to
prepare for them, all would live in trembling and fear.
But in ignorance of their risk, they live on in pernicious
security. Hence the number of fools is so great, and that of the
truly prudent and wise so small. Many are called and few are
In proportion as any one multiplies his sins, in that proportion
the devil acquires positive rights over his soul, and if he cannot
put an end to the life of his victim, he at least seeks to treat him
as his vile slave.
For he claims, that each day this soul becomes more his own,
and that of its own will it so chooses. And therefore it cannot
justly be snatched from his hands, nor deserve the assistance
which it will not accept. So the merits of Christ should not be
applied to it, when it spurns them. And it should not benefit
from the intercession of the saints, when it entirely forgets
By these and other pretences, the devil tries to cut short the
time of penance for those whom he claims as his own. If he
does not succeed in this, he tries to block the way of their
But the protection of God and of the holy angels is wanting to
none of us.
And this is so certain that there is scarcely any one, who could
not verify it in the course of his life.
52. They furnish us with ceaseless inspirations and
They make us of all occasions and means available for our
admonishment and exhortation.
The hellish foes also strive with all their force to induce men to
multiply their sins, in order that the measure of their sins may
so much the sooner be complete and their time of penance and
of life may come to an end. But the angels, who are rejoiced by
the repentance of sinners even though they may not be able to
bring them to repentance, labour diligently to do away with
occasions of sin and to lessen the number of sins or prevent
them altogether.
And when, with all their efforts they cannot bring back the
souls from sin, they resort to the intercession of the most holy
Mother of God, asking Her to be their Mediatrix with the Lord
and lend her aid in confounding the demons.
Alone their jealous fear lest we come to the enjoyment of God
and their furious desire to prevent it, prevail and urge the evil
spirits to continue their persecutions to the end of our lives.
I was made to understand, that if God were not so
outrageously misused in his mercy, He would often interpose,
even miraculously, his divine Omnipotence in our behalf.
He would do this to bringing to naught the counsels of hell
for the destruction of Christianity in our times.
Yet, we do not merit this protection of the infinite power,
because all are united in rousing the divine wrath and the
whole world has joined hands with the infernal fiends, into
whose power it has fallen on account of the blind and insane
pursuit of evil rampant among men.
53. In the conversion of Saul this assistance of the
Most High is openly manifest.
Although his life before the persecution of the Church was a
series of events, which deceived the demons just as he is
deceived in many other souls, yet God watched him from the
moment of his conception and regulated his natural character
and the care of the angels in his defence and protection.
Hence the hatred of the devil and their desire of causing his
death in the first years of his life increased. As they failed in
this, and as they later saw him become a persecutor of the
Church, they were solicitous to preserve his life.
When the holy angels found themselves powerless to withdraw
Saul from the error, to which he had entirely dedicated himself,
the powerful Queen entered the combat and made his cause her
Through Her, Christ and the eternal Father interposed his
divine assistance and snatched him from the grasp of the
dragon. In the instant of the apparition of the Lord, all the
demons that accompanied Saul on the way to Damascus, were
hurled to the abyss.
54. On that occasion Lucifer and his cohorts felt the
lash of the divine Omnipotence.
Filled with fear and consternation they for some days lay
lifeless in the depths of the infernal caverns. But as soon as the
Lord took away from their minds the remembrance of the
divine mysteries, they began to breathe forth new wrath.
The great dragon called together the rest and spoke to them:
“How is it possible to rest, when every day I see new injuries
heaped upon me by this incarnate Word and by this Woman,
who conceived and bore Him as man. Where is my strength?
Where is my power, and of what use is my fury and the
triumphs which I gained over Him among mortals ever since
God without reason cast me from the heavens to this abyss?
It seems, my friends, that the Omnipotent intends to seal up the
portals of these infernal regions and open up those of heaven,
which would be the destruction of our reign and of all my
coveted designs to drag to these torments the rest of mankind.
If God, besides having redeemed men, works for them such
miracles, if he shows them such love and seeks to draw them to
his friendship by such powerful works of his right hand, they
will permit them selves to be overcome, even if they have the
disposition of wild beasts and hearts of adamant.
All will love and serve Him, if they are not more obstinate and
rebellious than we ourselves.
What soul can be so callous as not to be drawn to this
Godman, who with such a tender love seeks its eternal glory?
Saul was our friend, a willing instrument of my designs, subject
to my will and command, an enemy of the Crucified, and I had
destined him for most cruel torments in this hell.
In the midst of all this God suddenly snatches him from my
hands, and by his divine power raises this insignificant creature
of the earth to such high grace and favours, that we, his
enemies, are astounded.
55. What has Saul done to deserve such an exceeding
good fortune?
Was he not in my service offending his God? If God has been so
liberal with him, what protection will He not lavish upon other
less grievous sinners? And even if He does not convert them by
such great miracles, He will gain them through Baptism and the
other Sacraments, by which they can justify themselves day by
day. This example of Gods mighty defence of the Church, at the
time when I attempted to destroy it through Saul, will draw all
the world to his service.
Is it possible that I should see vile human kind raised to the
grace and happiness which I have lost, and that it should
occupy the heaven from which I have been hurled? This
thought torments me more furiously than the fires of hell.
I am filled with a powerless rage against myself for not being
able to destroy myself in my wrath. Would that God himself
would do it, instead of preserving me in these torments. But
since this is not to be, tell me, my vassals,
what shall we do against this so powerful God? Him we
cannot injure. But in those whom he loves so much, we can
avenge ourselves, because in them we can oppose his will.
And since my majesty is most offended and incensed against
this Woman, our Enemy, who gave him human being. I wish to
inaugurate new ways of destroying Her and avenging
ourselves for having robbed us of Saul and cast us into these
Abysses. I shall not rest until I shall have vanquished Her.
For this purpose I resolve to execute all the plans formed
against God and man after my fall from heaven. Come, all of
you, to help me in my designs and to execute my will.”
Some of the demons answered him:
“Our captain and leader, we are ready to obey thee, knowing
how much this Woman, our Foe, oppresses and torments us.
But it is possible that She by Herself without other aid may
resist us, despising all our efforts and attacks, as we have seen
on other occasions, when She showed Herself altogether our
superior in strength.
What She feels most, is to see us attack the followers of her Son.
Because She loves them and is solicitous about them as a
Mother. Let us raise a general persecution against the faithful
and thus vent our wrath against this hostile Woman.”
Lucifer approved of this counsel and showed favours to the
demons, who had given it. Thus agreed, they issued forth to
destroy the Church.
56. Instruction of the heavenly Queen
My daughter (Mary of Agreda), by no power of human words
wilt thou ever succeed in describing the envy of Lucifer and his
demons against men, or the malice, astuteness, deceits and
ruses, with which in his wrath he seeks to bring them into sin.
He tries to hinder all good works, and he tries to minimize, or
to destroy and pervert them. All the malice of which his own
mind is capable, he attempts to inject into the souls.
Innumerable are those whom I have saved from the infernal
dragon because of their devotion to me, even though they have
recited only one “Ave Maria”, or have said only one word in
my honour and invocation.
So great is my love for the sinners, that if they would call
upon me in time and with sincerity, none of them would


The contents of the revelation presented here, even though
disparaged by certain circles as mere “private” revelation
which is not worthy of a wider promulgation, must be brought
into human consciousness, so that the Divine Light of truth can
illuminate the darkness.
The reason for the necessity of publication of precisely this part
of the present revelation lies in the fact that the origin and
background of all evil in the world has not been realized
properly by most people, despite of many bad occurrences and
ongoings. For that reason it is impossible for the necessary
conclusion to take effect.
Too many people are dazzled by their own “self” and the world
surrounding them to be able to believe and to know that after
this brief earthly period an entire eternity awaits them.
The fundamental divine revelation may be completed through
the Holy Scriptures. However, if mankind has gone astray and
is now in great misery, can God be forbidden to point back on
the right path by means of continued revelations?
The origin of all evil brought into the world by Satan is
manifested within the detachment from God and the dismissal
of His commandments connected to it.
There are only two ways:
Either one believes in God and complies His laws, or one will
perish at the whim of ones own laws.
The assertion of human self-will creates calamity, adaptation
and subordination under the Divine Will warrants salvation.
The lopsided research and work by humans only on behalf of
this fleeting and perishable world is misdirected. The severe
consequences of this aberration become more and more
distinct. Most urgently the path has to be made into the
spiritual cosmos, not the “secular” one.
The progenies of all materialistic work will irretrievably be lost
if the objectives of the work themselves are not brought into a
proper and God-given employment.
The spiritual values however – the good properties – which
earlier were better known as “virtues”, can never pass away
completely, for they are part of the immortal soul.
After the completion of its passed time of ordeal the soul will
find peace for the rest of eternity and with it the never
weakening elation and blessedness of the heavenly universe.

L.W. January 2007

It is to be considered that there is a crucial distinction to be
made between adoration and worship.
The Virgin Mother Mary is acknowledged intercessor between
man and God as well as mediator of all grace and revered for it.
Worshiped is only God alone.